Hip-Hop power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have taken Grammy performance royalty to a whole new level after their hit collaboration performance of Drunk in Love at the January 26th ceremony. Beyoncé left little to the imagination while proving the queen and her king still have the audacity to pull off the trademark raunchy rap duets they became renowned for over the years.

After the surprise release of her self-titled visual album Beyoncé, the no longer bootylicious diva is apparently bringing skinny back in an effort to prove that you can return to your prime post baby, combining her new physique with her new sound. The album, featuring artists such as Drake and Frank Ocean is a darker portrayal of her life in the spotlight and contrastingly the shadows, proving there is much more to the global sensation than her previous pop diva sounds.

The refreshingly dark album which references Queen B as a “trophy wife” and draws on the struggles of adapting to change post pregnancy is arguably her most honest lyrical piece yet. The diva even including a song dedicated to and featuring her daughter Blue Ivy.
Article by Andrea Tully  


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